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US regulators push back against White House plan to police social media censorship

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biased against right-wingers.

more like biased against non-left-wingers...

'conservative' by definition is not an extreme position, because it seeks to 'conserve' rather than 'radically change' things.

And THAT is what the social media bias is against! At least, from the evidence I have seen presented on multiple occasions, INCLUDING the way 'Diamond and Silk' were treated...

The concern here is the left-wing-biased social media and their tendency to "let pass" any left-wing extremism content they find, but then SIMULTANEOUSLY ban conservative (not so much right-wing) content. including "shadow bans" (where your followers stop seeing your new content without you knowing about it, that sort of thing), that this would MEDDLE IN THE ELECTIONS. You know, ACTUAL meddling, not just a bunch of made-up convenience stories based on lies that are known to have been paid for by the D.N.C. that get passed off as "intelligence" and are THEN used as a basis for getting FISA warrants...

In any case, wouldn't we ALL agree that Faceb[itch,ook] and Tw[a,i]tter and Google have TOO MUCH POWER in their hands? They're in a position to literally TAKE OVER THE WORLD by manipulating the 'sheeple'. That is NOT a good thing.

Instead, if we love freedom, these social media platforms need to remain NEUTRAL in the way they handle EVERYTHING. At least SOME oversight is needed.

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