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Which, either means Microsoft has learned its lesson from failing to take absolute control of any standard, or market forces have simply made Open Source too accepted. I would say it's a little of both, but I have to wonder which is more significant. I suppose things would be very different if Microsoft had succeeded in completely subverting, say, the W3C.

Oh, some may say we're paranoid. Surely, Microsoft only ignored standards because it was convenient and not because it was intentionally trying to take control. Right? BTW, I have swampland in Florida for sale and the deed to the Brooklyn Bridge if anyone is interested.

Anyway, I would be much happier if there were more jobs in which Linux workstations were a supported option, or at least a managed in-house Cygwin repository were supported. Yes, that's the proof that Microsoft is a monopo... Oops, don't want to draw an legal action.

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