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But we have to be careful about heatstroke so the cooling system has limits. I’m a runner and I’ve been there. Auckland, NZ woke up one Sunday morning, overcast, coolish and dead still. So I did what I’d long wanted to and ran 25miles out to the other end and back all along the Waitakere ranges. The full length of Scenic Drive for those in the know.

Two problems though, firstly the sun burnt off the clouds, secondly there was NO water. I knew where to get water in the second half of Scenic Drive which I ran often but it meant I got water too little too late.

I had to sit in the shade with a wet towel over my head for a couple of hours afterwards. Wasn’t fun, don’t recommend.

Not an issue generally here in Dundee and these days I can carry a drink with me in my Camelbak waist pack. Active cooling hats are a thing and technical clothing keeps you cooler in the heat than cotton or nylon back in the day (or just skin up top often). I don’t run topless any more, it’s cooler to wear a technical top. My shorts are technical, I have technical socks on. It makes a difference.

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