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LOL - oh man.

These guys are right. I'm going to start a class action suit against Starbucks too, because i know for a fact that i can buy a large cup of coffee worth of beans for cheaper than they sell me a large cup of already-brewed coffee.

How can they do that? For the same one-dollar, i can get 5 cups worth of coffee beans and brew it myself! Why should the big company who is putting extra time into shipping and brewing, and paying someone to rotate the canisters every hour, be allowed to profit on their extra effort? They should be reselling that coffee at the same cost of the beans.

Taking my tinfoil hat off for a minute - are you telling me that if the data is encrypted by Apple, and only apple holds the keys to that decryption, that you actually care where your data is stored? Especially if the data is chunked and still useless even IF Amazon got their hands on those decryption keys? If you think that other storage services out there (and there are hundreds) aren't leveraging other companies for their full highly available and geographically dispersed storage networks - then you are mistaken.

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