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Keeping IT Seriously Simple

Usually, secretive disruptive things to market are normally, first and foremost, a military target for heavily protected secret military use and /or abuse and misuse. And they have more money than anyone to spend on maintaining themselves and containing enemies now easily able to virtually annihilate them. And that must be quite disconcerting.

Well, if the MOD need to know more about all best safe to know and not know of Moving Invisible Targets, they know where to Go/Come and be Registered.

And such would be as a True Recording of Events that Surprisingly Easily Transpire in the Captivation of Almighty Moving Invisible Targets.

Not too easy that for the MOD though, is it? Alien Engagement with Superior Weaponised Systems Administrations?

The Answer to that Minor Hurdle is Simplicity itself ..... Buy it in from wherever it comes and from whomever are delighted to server its servers' needs and wishes/feeds and seeds.

There's bound to Black Money Slush Fund/Flash Cash Crash Stash specifically designed to Capture and Captivate/Command and Control such an Uncanny Unruly Beast ..... making it then sort of Officially and Ideally, an Semi Official Invisible Bargain for Future Control of Remote Virtual Being with Advanced IntelAIgent Sensory Perception in Bespoke Realities Delivered via Sublime Internets Networking Prime Future Near Perfect AudioVisual Product. ...... for Alternative Creative Mass Media Programs and Projects rather than for any Current Defaulted to Destructive Pogram with Rape and Pillage Adored and Adorned and Onboard.

Ye Olde To the Victor the Spoils of War Feast for the Debauched and Gluttonous Script.

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