Reply to post: Re: Get your proposals in! The early bird captivates the worm ...... has £12m to help kick-start quantum techs that could be 'adopted at scale' – which is pretty niche, if we're honest

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Re: Get your proposals in! The early bird captivates the worm ......

Here's another proposal for grant funding, SVV, and with a lot more information made clearly not invisible ..... A little bit about what all here is about ….

Surely that must be at least worthy of a scrawny £2 million punt? :-)

Now surely all that needs to be done is to mention that all of this may do better shared somewhere else provided here

Surely governments do not think a fundamentally different future with have any dire need of their failing and taxing services. Other than, that is, as evidence in a recall and presentation of use and/or systemic abuse and wilful wanton misuse.

I can't see many volunteering to travel deep down that top root route if sharing deep and dark secrets already well enough known rather than ensuring protection from the Future with everything immaculately well hidden or expunged. .........with Exciting Confinement in Vaulted Barracks a Much Sought After Reward/Prize and Just Dessert :-)

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