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US still 'not prepared' in event of a serious cyber attack and Congress can't help if it happens

Tom Paine

I'm old enough to remember "electronic Pearl Harbor", over 20 years ago.

Here's a blast from the pre-911 past from this very journal that makes interesting reading today:

Edit: or this one from 1997

Sooner or later something massively destructive will happen[1] and the mundanes will be all "OMG, how was this allowed to happen?" and that's when the crypto backdoor plans and other perennial favourites (ID cards anyone) will be pulled out and dusted off.

[1] my money's been on a flash worm wiper that bricks smartphones for some time, but I carry on not being right about that - so far. Unlikely, because it can't be monetised and it's use as a weapon risks massive blowback if deployed by a nation state. Some threat actors aren't nation states, though...

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