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But if you store your gold-pressed latinum (data) in Credit Suisse (or similar bank vaults) rather than, e.g. 'T.I.T. Security' (Trotter's Independent Traders), then you can surely, and legally, expect that your bars of latinum are indeed being stored in their very highly secure vault system, rather than being passed to Del-Boy Trotter and stored under a carpet in his garden shed?

The vault in the basement of the Credit Suisse building could be owned, installed and operated by TITS and branded as a Credit Suisse vault. Credit Suisse rent 3/4 of the space in the vault for their needs, while the other 1/4 is rented out by TITS to Safety Deposit Co. (SDC) . This is inside the Credit Suisse tenanted portion of the Buildings'R'Us owned building to which Credit Suisse has also purchased (or rented) the naming rights for, therefore the building name is Credit Suisse Building even though Credit Suisse only rent 1/4 of the bottom floor (public-facing services) and basement (where the T.I.T. operated but Credit Suisse branded vault is), and have office space on the 2nd and 3rd floors, but the rest of the ground floor and basement, and the other 7 floors above the 3rd floor, have different commercial tenants. The 11th-15th floors are residential, so have a number of different owners of those units. The building is in the new King's Cross development that has security provided by the developers in the form of facial recognition CCTV pervading the development on the lookout for crims (or attractive women to take recordings of for entertainment of the security monitoring centre).

Credit Suisse hire security guards from FB (Fumble Brothers) for physical on-premises security.

So, who are you storing the latinum with? Who would you seek recompense from if it was stolen? King's Cross developers, Buildings'R'Us (building owners), T.I.T. Security (vault operators/owners), FB (physical security providers), SDC (rents 1/4 of the space in the TITS vault) or Credit Suisse (to whom's care you gave your latinum to)?

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