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Look at me. Look at me. I'm the El Capitan now: Cray to build US govt's $600m cray-cray exascale nuke app super


YUP! It CAN play Crysis because the system can emulate the entire x32/x64 instruction set (and MANY others!) in real time using just a software-based assembly language emulator! When you're running at 60 GHz you can do an entire CPU at whatever speed you want but I should note that Windows 10 v1903 seems to have a 5.5 GHz limit though! It doesn't like being emulated at say 50 GHz, 30 GHz or even at 10 GHz. There is a timing/clock issue that is probably due to the clock being used for clock-time sensitive application and/or OS file signing and/or time-sensitive digital signatures. Run it at 5.5 GHz or less and you're fine!

What's REALLY COOL though, it running MULTIPLE VM-managers that in-themselves run multiple virtual machines! Ever seen 500 MILLION instances of Ubuntu running in parallel with ALL INSTANCES communicating with each other in a virtualized WAN and multi-SUB-LANs network using virtualized GPU's and displays?! Where switching to and between each VM instance is a breeze and FAAAAAST and where ALL VM instances have the equivalent desktop experience and responsiveness of a typical Intel i7 and i9 desktop workstation!

Of course, we are spreading that over a few thousand combined CPU/GPU/DSP super-server-chips, but 500 MILLION SIMULTANEOUS UBUNTU VM INSTANCES each running multiple end-user applications under an equivalent 75% CPU load is nothing to laugh at!


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