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We base the temperature records on less than 100 years of observations, heck the BBC pushed a story about record breaking temperatures amounting to thermageddon and hidden in the story was that this particularly record only started in 1990 something.

The planet is warming, but reading RealClimate its noted that the temperature difference between 400 parts per milion CO2 and 600 parts per million CO2 will be less than than between 300 and 400 ppm as its logarithmic scale. The claims about 5C rises are extreme low probability, the strongest potential is something like 2C by 2100.

Some of the most alarming claims of 7 or 10 C rises come from claims of 7000ppm, which would take thousands of years to reach, and the claims of thawing permafrost causing runaway climate change is just scaremongering according to several climatologists who have debunked that claim on the basis the life of methane in the atmosphere isn't that long but our own methane emissions are an issue - though that doesn't preclude meat eating, substitute the cows for Kangaroos (who don't produce methane) issued solved that or supplement cattle feed with a compound to counter the methane produced by cattle.

Also Hansen has decided on 350 as "safe" but as usual won't explain why and his profile is used to treat his claims as unchallengable, when he's human like the rest of us, has the potential for fallibility and no one should be permitted an unchallangeable position of authority (power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely)

I also note that regularly more and more alarmist headlines come out demanding action by 2050, 2030, 2025, 12 months, pushed by the BBC and Guardian but when you read the papers these are low probability outcomes and often outlier papers whose claims are dubious at best and designed to garner newspaper headlines.

You want to cut global termparatures - financially incentivise people not to have children or have less children - stabilise the populace at 2 kids per couple, if a couple don't want children ever then give them a tax break. Doing that would be career suicide by any politician, its also a severe infringement on civil liberties and more and more our lives are being policed and controlled and yet its all "for our own good".

If politicians were serious about cutting emissions - lead by example - video conferencing, no jollies to 5 or 6 star resorts for "climate conferences" / summits etc, no private planes or helicopter jaunts and thats just for starters. They won't though and thats why 99% of the ideas being touted as greenwashing nonsense - plastic straws that were generally incinerated by many restaurants now replaced by paper straws that have a massive pollution footprint (have you seen the pollution that comes from a paper mill (water and air alone - I've seen and it ain't a good sight) ) pushed by anti plastics groups, many of who with no knowledge of science and of the "big pharma conspiracy", "vaccines cause autism" type bent, the sort convinced that anything "natural" is better than anything synthethised - ignoring that belladonna, nightshide, hemlock and arsenic are all natural and all deadly....and that many antibiotics etc are natural in origin. Removing plastic straws also directly harms the disabled and puts them at risk of dehydration.

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