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I recall some research into the use of animated vs. static (albeit flashing for indicators) brake and indicator lights. An extension of logic behind using different colours and flashing vs. steady lights. Sadly I don't remember where though.

The conclusion was animated vehicle state lights (braking, turning) are more detectable to humans than static lights, understood more quickly, and can provide more information.

Imagine in the dark/fog, just seeing an orange flashing light (let's say for argument other marker lights have failed or are obscured - a poor hypothesis perhaps, I admit); could be a car indicator but which direction is indicated? Can't see the car, so can't see which side the light is for. Animation provides some missing information.

Their primary example was a brake light pattern starting small and central, rapidly growing to fill the light space. I believe their experiments suggested a wide, inverted triangle (base at the top, apex at the bottom) light pattern was the most effective of the patterns tested.

So yeah maybe it also looks cool, or not depending on your point of view. But there's (sometimes) scientific reasoning behind the "ooh shiny" mentality. Sometimes.

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