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"[...] hat has never quite worked out what that stick on the steering wheel does [...]"

Many years ago my employer provided hire cars for the occasional site visits. You never knew what make or model would be waiting for you. The insurers also insisted you could only use the car for an A to B journey - so no chance of a test drive first.

On the morning in question I joined the motorway near the office. Quite soon the traffic in my centre lane started to slow - and it started to rain. I flipped the indicator stalk to get a quick wash/wipe - and nothing happened. I had to look at the dashboard to find a washer knob. Looking up - to my horror a large truck had now entered the motorway and immediately moved into the centre lane, occupying my "safe distance" zone before hitting their brakes.

After that I went by train. The use of controls on a car should be second nature.

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