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Capitol, or Mt Weather?

But Aliens.. So one image is labelled-

Verizon UK's Central London Data Centre next to a major rail network hub

aka 'UK5*'. Also located next to what is/was London's centre for 'tropical' diseases. So it's a simple biosecurity measure. Check your appendages via video link oop North, and if they're oozing a bit funny, see the docs, do not get on the train.. Alternatively, a different clinic, because when that datacentre was built, it was easy to collect diseases around the back of King's Cross. But pre-gentrification, it was cheap-ish real-estate and conveniently located for picking up Racal Telecom/ex-BRT fibre that made up a lot of the UK's backbones at the time, and followed the rail network.

UK2 was also interesting because that was very close to St John's Gate, home of the Knight's Hospitaller, who were of course related to the Templars. Discovering that museum made for an fascinating, if slightly extended lunch break. AFAIK, they didn't have fibre, or maybe I just wasn't cleared for that customer..

Rest I think demonstrates how easy it is to create conspiracy by proximity, and overlook telecomms fundamentals. Like UK is an island, so connects to the RoW via submarine cables that have to land somewhere, and then be fed from somewhere else. And then connect to somewhere the BD people think they've got customers, which means amp/regen/interconnect sites along the way, which means finding cheap land/buildings without PITA wayleave restrictions to create those sites.. Which is/was Virgin's challenge, ie finding cheap places to PoP for headends and other stuff and keep real estate costs & rates down.

(rates being a large part of that given rateable values applied to 'improved' sites, plus the fibres feeding them, which could make a disused public toilet into a large cost)

The larger security issue is the availability of sensitive stuff like KMZ files plotting fibre routes accurately, which customers would insist on, even though it made their services less secure/reliable.

*I've been lost in that building several times. On the plus side, their security people were on the ball and monitoring their CCTVs :)

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