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I Remember the Early Days of Menwith Hill

I grew up in Harrogate during the late 70's & early 80's and we would often drive past the Menwith Hill site to visit relatives who lived a few miles away in Pately Bridge. My Uncle would often comment about how the height of the land was continuously increasing along the road to Dacre as the underground complex was being expanded. I believe that the site was originally setup as an early warning station against missile attacks from the USSR but that purpose faded with the end of the Cold War so a new purpose needed to be found. Something that I remember from back then was that a cable trench was dug between Menwith Hill and Hunters Stone about 5 miles to the west. Why Hunters Stone? well that was a microwave tower that relayed all the phone calls and faxes up and down the UK. It was common knowledge at the time that the underground computers would scan all the calls and faxes for key words which caused the content to be set aside for further analysis. Over the years the number of Radomes has steadily increased which I understand are used to tap into satellite downlinks across Europe. The Radomes prevent you from seeing which direction the dish is pointing which could be used to determine which satellite was being monitored. With the advent of fibre connections and thousands of satellite channels I can't even begin to imagine how much data this place is processing and forwarding on to the Five Eyes partners.

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