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Looming US immigration crackdown aims to weed out pre-crime of poverty. And that may be bad news for techie families

J.G.Harston Silver badge

I was getting really confused listening to the radio news report on this. They seemed to be saying that non-citizens who were claiming benefits would be denied applications for citizenship. But how on earth are non-citizens getting benefits?

Certainly when my then-wife came to the UK in the 1990s as a non-citizen she couldn't claim benefits, and working in benefits support it was a standard stamp in foreigner's passports "no recourse to public funds".

BTW, the NHS is *not* for people in Britiain, it is for British citizens in Britain. One of the distressing problems is that the NHS is not set up to properly ascertain non-cit's medical coverage and follow back to the coverage provider.

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