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I could throttle you right about now: US Navy to ditch touchscreens after kit blamed for collision

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Words fail me as to how fucked up the navy managed to make this.

- inability to transfer throttle as an atomic unit.. apparently they need to transfer port control, once they've gone through the additional extra screen-taps, the starboard engine control, a minute or so later. presumably in the interim, leaving two stations each in control of one engine. The happy path 99.99% use case of both at the same time not considered. that is worth a facepalm right there.

- no clear indication as to which station has control at any one time. how about spending a dollar on a big flashing light that lights up when the station has control hmm?

- being so utterly confused as to what the 'manual control override' button does that they're afraid to press it because they think it'll transfer control away to the aft steering position.. newsflash.. hitting the big red manual override button causes you to GAIN control not lose it.. fucking IDIOTS

just.. wow. everyone on the bridge that night deserves to be in prison serving a manslaughter sentence. 4 minutes for them to notice that they accidentally transferred steering control as well as port engine control.. and not a single brain on that bridge thinks 'HUH we lost steering control right at the same moment as we tried to transfer the engine to that station.. i WONDER IF we accidentally sent the steering over at the SAME TIME lets check and find out'

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