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In the military, I worked professionally in a dozen fields of engineering. I was responsible for all the navigation equipment and, very unusually, I'm also qualified as helmsman, quartermaster, and navigator of the watch including underway refueling. There is no way in hell that I'd want this on my ship! I love my touchscreens here; one of my faves is my 20" that I use when I'm bedridden. It's on the end of a very long leash. However, even if the controls were all on the same screen, I can operate the helm of a real without glancing at the wheel and throttles and all the switchology (military term) is positive feedback.

Even when I play my shipping games*, I much prefer keyboard and mouse over my touchscreen as, again, there's feedback. Collisions are expensive.

* - Ports of Call is still very much a thang here. Amiga and PC.

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