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Thats the theory anyway, I do recall the Astra J went back to a "proper" handbrake after lots of them rolled away as the electronic parking brake failed to grip, others wouldn't move as it wouldn't release and IIRC some needed a diagnostic tool to retract the brake piston or some other idiocy....

Current car is a Dacia Sandero, which will be the last car without a tonne of nanny state junk in Europe - lane assist, Auto braking, speed limiters and other controlling crap....

Voted remain, but perhaps we'd be better out (also due to article 11 and 13 and the video streaming nonsense they are pushing)

I'd be more supportive of the idea of leaving if instead we aligned our car standards to the USA......

Might actually get some interesting cars then....albeit the green fanatics (and their acolytes in parliament) would lose their shit at the concept of anything beyong 1.0 litre 3 cylinder shopping boxes or overpriced and under ranged milk floats.....though the greenies want everyone to walk or cycle everywhere instead....

less than 2% of world emissions (and dropping year on year) and yet the government either doesn't have the balls to tell them to foxtrot oscar or has engineered this whole "green revolution" to allow them to whack up taxes to "tackle the climate emergency" (which will do the sum of jack squat) and thats without getting on the topic of Caroline Lucas trying to justify sexism on the grounds "we need to tackle the climate emergency NOW and women are less tribal so I'm forming a 10 woman cabinet"

Even Liz Truss pointed out how sexist her comments were, stereotyping people on the basis of gender, someone else pointed out that her cabinet had no one who was Black or Minority Ethniticity (so unsurpsingly a mirror of XR then....whose entire movement consists of naive white private school kids trying to be rebellious, white serial troublemakers who appear at every rabble, and ageing white "protestors" keen to be "arrested" (instead of sending them to jail which is frankly what they want, just stick them with an order banning them from associating with any protest movement / stop their state pension and garnish their other income - seriously can we not just arrest that muppet Roger Hallam and friends for "corrupting the nations youth by inciting impressionable children to get arrested while he stands back and agitates - the man is an irresponsible coward and utterly shameless in his attempts to subvert democracy)

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