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"And a real key to start instead of that start-stop nonsense"

Actually, turning the key to start the ignition is a relatively new feature in cars, introduced in the 50s and not gaining widespread adoption until the 60s. Cars with starter motors initially had a push-button starter that was activated by a key (My grandad's MG worked like this). I guess that before that it was just a button with no key at all.

Plus, I find something strangely satisfying about the car springing to life at the push of a button rather than the turn of a key. Keyless entry/ignition is of course extremely practical, I'm not completely sure about security. But if your complaint against keyless entry is security, keep in mind that physical car locks were by no means more secure than electric/electronic ones* - it's just that as IT people we're more aware of fails in electric/electronic ones.

If by "start-stop nonsense" you mean the 'stop-start' systems that cut the ignition when the car is stopped, and start again on pressing the clutch / releasing the brake, then I agree they are pretty useless. many times they cut power just at the moment you need it, and they are in no way more eco-friendly (since catalytic converters work optimally at high temperatures, and as soon as an engine is idle for more than a few seconds the exhaust cools down sufficiently that restarting releases more exhaust fumes than you save with the short time switched off)

*At one car ferry I used regularly in the 80s and 90s, folk locking their keys in the car by accident was a quite frequent occurence. The ferry staff could unlock most cars in nothing flat.

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