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Re: Based on my (Citroen) in car touch screen

My relatively new Kia has a large touch screen in the centre of the console which defaults to map mode (from GPS - I rarely use SatNav; a map is much better from my perspective) but when it starts it exhorts you to not look at the screen while driving.

Quiet amusing really.

The only thing I cannot control directly or easily apart without using the touch screen are the radio settings (apart from volume) and SatNav. I can cycle manually through radio stations with a button on the steering wheel though.

I do like the fact that the instrument cluster (at least the speedometer and engine RPM) are not soft displays as they are in some vehicles. I remember renting an Alfa Romeo that moved the soft gauges for speed and engine RPM from min to max and back to min at power up. Quite disconcerting at first.

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