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"The Pentagon Wars'

I watched the HBO movie.

Now recheck my nickname. I'm pretty close to the action, and it's amazing how useless our interfaces can be as long as the vehicles meet contractual requirements. (Note: I've NEVER witnessed cheating on the testing. Operator error, maybe...)

A summary regarding throttles:

M2/M3 Bradley (see book/movie) before the newest engine upgrade -- mechanical throttle pedal; don't know the rest (wrong company)

M1 Abrams -- motorcycle twist-grip throttle-by-wire (analog signal); bowden-cable steering and braking (mechanical link)

Stryker -- electronic throttle pedal (5V PWM signal), pneumatic heavy truck/bus-like brakes (pedal operates control valve); truck/bus-like steering (never figured out the details)

In all cases, the driver is in charge of mobility, and the vehicle commander can chew them out but not override them short of shutting down the engine, in most cases by turning the electric power feed off since the driver has the "ignition/run" control.

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