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That is of course true, but the question is (in this case) if there is actually a real plan to do something, instead of this being an "upper manglement wants shiny-shiny"-situation, or just a "we'll throw some money at AI, because AI".

I stumbled across an article in a newspaper last week that was actually discussing ML for cancer detection, and at the moment it does not work well enough to wrap it into a product. Yes, further research is needed, but that should be a strategic decision. I am also always for funding research (and development, though once it is product development it would preferably be market driven, but let's not discuss that point...), but I'm against just throwing money at stuff because somebody thinks it is cool and then loudly announces this as a major step (while other problems persist that would need much more money to fix). AI and ML is over hyped snakeoil (in many cases, not all of them, I know)...

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