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Probably, all that Mr. Fulton needed, is his 31st DouChee given him "for free". There's a glitch in a System, it turns around placing an Order for vegetarian stuff, accumulating a BaconOff margin, and after Cancelling one's Order, one could have a FullTime DouChee, which has just been created out of NoThing, made by 30 "veggie" lowerings of its Initial MarketPrice.

It was a Wall St Glitch Manipulation kind of an operation, but looks like the Mac's operatives had already patched the vuln, having forcefully cleared the whole Fulton's Margin Privileged account.

Hope, NoOne eill further wonder why Mr. Fulton is rushing into ruining Gold.

But it's not America that does it. It's the Wall St Glitch Construction Bureau maliciously exploiting the Real Stuff Traders.

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