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FBI, NSA to hackers: Let us be blunt. Weed need your help. We'll hire you even if you've smoked a little pot in the past


Creative types or Drones

To go back in time, test someone's hair tiny little deposits as it grows and hence they can go back as far as your hair is long. So go private no drug test, get paid more and don't have to work with the professionally paranoid and anally retentive, or get paid less, work with the anally retentive and professionally paranoid and be subject to immediate dismissal in your friends smoke in the same room as you or you walk into a very, very happy coffee bar. Hmm, decisions, decisions.

They can't even contract because of course they will test the contractors.

Something tells me they wont improve their recruitment chances any time soon with that attitude. You either want creative minded people and all the behaviour associated with it or you do not and the anal retentive types and totally uncreative drones.

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