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When An American Gets A Hunger On...

Well, America's Internet is mainly consumerism, food, complaints about his Trumpiness, restaurant reviews, true crime, food, woke outrage over absolutely anything, mass shootings defended by the NRA, Wall Street, food, advanced libertarianism, petty lunatic crime, hatred of the British Empire/Welfare State/NHS, food, paranoid crap about Russiagate [ Donald Trump has been a Russian Asset since 1980 ], hatred of furriners, A dumb Wall, The Sacred Constitution, TV people, and food.

Not like America even has any culture to throw about. The rest of the world is now beginning to respect your president's Garboesque longing for America to be left alone.


37-year-old Jedediah Ezekiel Fulton was arrested when he tried to destroy the golden arches at a Sutherlin, Oregon McDonald's. And what got him so upset ? After placing an order for 30 Double Cheeseburgers, for some reason restaurant workers decided to reject it -- leaving the distraught customer burger-less.

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