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Just because some states have legalized pot, (a) it's not legal at the federal level, hence the issues they have with it and (b) it's not a protection against hiring discrimination.

The state I'm in decriminalized it, as in the laws are still on the books but personal possession is no longer a life-altering criminal's similar to a traffic ticket and doesn't follow you the way a criminal conviction does. (In the US, if you're convicted of anything, the chances of working in the legal economy ever again are slim in the age of cheap background checks, which is another whole problem.) But, I used to work for an airline. They had a zero-tolerance policy even if you didn't work in safety-sensitive positions, and randomly tested people. In the 5 years I was there, I got picked twice and of course had to pass a test when being hired. Lots of employers are like that, especially if you're in a position where you're exposed to large sums of money or dangerous machinery.

Just because it's legal in your state doesn't mean private (or public federal) employers can't use it as a way to winnow down the applicant pool. I've wanted to experiment in the past but never did, mainly because I've worked in environments like this.

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