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Is there any sane reason for that level of strictness or is it just an excuse for persecution?

What they are looking for is patterns of behavior. Let that phrase be your guide. Actions do not exist in isolation. If you failed to disclose one misbehavior, then it's assumed you are failing to disclose other misbehaviors as well. Think of "honey, I only cheated on you once, I'll never do it again".

People have patterns of behavior. Actions do not exist in isolation. I know I'm repeating myself but that's because this is important, not just in getting a clearance but also in all areas of life.

An alternate way of looking at it is carelessness. If you work for a TLA you are expected to have a good memory and attention to detail. If you simply forgot to disclose, then you might do it again on the job - another pattern of behavior. It's not about persecution, it's about responsibility.

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