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O.K. So that's stating the obvious. But, the more clearly the boundaries are defined, the more they'll be a target, which... simply leads to a chain of escalation. .... Gnu Tzu

Cyber warriors neither recognise nor heed boundaries, Gnu Tzu. That is what makes the very best of them so valuable and expensive but must-have invaluable at any cost.

Pay them in fiat paper, and they are virtually for nothing really. IT aint rocket science, is it?

Masters in the genre would even on not so rare an occasion invite relatively anonymous bank to bank flash cash transfers ..... in order to out the intellectually challenged gremlins in systems they be using/targeting.

Can you imagine the fun in dealing with a system which wants to know, but is not technically entitled to know, why one is suddenly in an instant, made filthy rich with foreign currency inputs?:-)

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