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Off somewhere nice on holibobs? Not if you're flying British Airways: IT 'systems issue' smacks UK airports once again

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From an outsiders viewpoint, there seems to be an acceptance by the management of these large companies that IT cockups are inevitable. It has become part of the culture. The response is to minimise the overall cost to the business by blustering and limiting compensation, and to increase lobbying and marketing activity to counter any external comeback. To change this will require a change in culture.

Every time there is such a cockup you sack a senior manager. Preferably you remove the chosen sacrifice's head and place it on a pole outside the company HQ to encourage the others. This will never happen. They are world class entrepreneurs and just require greater stock options to increase their motivation. Sacking is for the peasants.

One of the reasons why the low cost airlines have become so successful is that their quality of service, though not great, is not much different from the "quality" companies like BA. You get screwed either way but the ticket price is lower.

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