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Re: "We are sorry ...but we don't know what outsourcing does to our customers"

Yep - the sooner we get away from idiot bean counters and MBAs running companies the better. They just don't understand that IT is actually really, really hard to do right - and that it will involve experienced people and that will cost them. However IT is the core of most businesses nowadays - they can't mess around and try to save a quick buck by outsourcing it to the cheapest bidder. IT is core, keep the people in-house and treat them well - it's in the long term interest of the company.

So this is just karma. In my experience you might find a few good IT resources in India, but typically 1-2 on a team of maybe 50-80. Coding quality can vary from "barely acceptable" at best to "oh my God - spaghetti hell - it looks like a 12 year old coded that / my eyes are bleeding". Also the best Indian resources tend to be already abroad e.g. in the US / Europe.

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