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Getting harder and harder to totally lock yourself out of stuff these days

But when you are working on the oldest (ie, cheapest) ${DerogatoryTerm} your manglement and customers' manglement between them will pay for, then that's not much consolation.

if it does not get a confirmation back from you in a set time (say 3 minutes), it reverts back the change as it assumes you screwed up and lost access

You can do that on Cisco IOS with (IIRC) a "reload in nnn" command - if you do your changes and can still log in* then abort the reload, otherwise it'll reload and revert the config. Shorewall on GNU/Linux systems has a safe-restart command to achieve much the same thing.

* With in-band management, I make a point of opening a new connection - just because you can still type in the same session window doesn't guarantee that you can open a new session, particularly when working with session aware firewalls. Guess how I learned about that :-(

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