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"We are sorry ...but we don't know what outsourcing does to our customers"

BA has for years outsourced it's IT to India.

Obviously you can guess I work in IT, but it doesn't mean any disrespect to any IT staff in India. I've seen good IT staff who were PAYE paying higher levels of TAX be made redundant to outsourcing...the external companies in India do not respect their own staff and a certain amount of bullying is encouraged to force them into these roles and support.

The only issue with that, is once these IT guys from India start working in the UK they realise they are paid less than 50% what UK staff are paid and so the divide is created.

This issue is caused by Legacy IT systems and the outsourcing company in India, which doesn't know how to support these OLD systems. It is a failure by all those British IT managers at BA, for not ensuring the outsourcing partner is aware... Obviously, those IT manager will pass on the issue to the outsourcing company, but unless it was registered the technical details in the contract nothing will be done...these British IT managers are simply being incompetent.

The downside for me working in IT, is these 'clowns' will appear in other roles in IT as if they produced a major success for BA...….

In a similar example: The same issue happened in RBS in 2012 when the entire IT staff from 'Legacy systems' were made redundant and the task of any future change was handed over as a documented 'script' what to do next. Unfortunately the IT staff in India, did not know how to work outside this documented 'script' and any customer of RBS, NatWest, Ulster Bank was unable to access their bank accounts for about a week. Stephen Hester at the time says it wasn't due to outsourcing...….

RBS had to pay 1,000 GBP per a day to re-hire those made redundant to fix these legacy systems...…..good on them :)

For the role of BA, they have to consider their customers. Too many BA staff are being asked to change shift rotas to longer timings in order to compensate for the companies mistake.....

It is a shame to see BA fail (being British), but naturally you have to look at management first. The staff in those terminals, planes,etc., don't have any choice...

The sooner new management is hired to replaced Alex 'the clown' and those other IT 'clown' managers, who hide behind him the better!!

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