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Have you seen how most modern vehicles are made? Tinfoil and bailing twine springs to mind...

One of my friends had an old Ford from 1960-something that got terrible fuel economy but was built like a car should be. He got T-boned by some idiot tourist who was looking the wrong way at a roundabout and slammed into the side of my mate's care as he (the tourist) accelerated hard "in case anyone came along" (from the wrong way?!).

Long story short, my mate's car needed a couple of hours in the body shop so the door panels could be straightened and the door pillar checked to make sure it was still capable of holding the car together while the tourist's hirecar was condemned to the scrapheap because not only was the front end about eighteen inches shorter than it should have been and the radiator pretty much wrapped around the engine block, but the entire chassis had been warped in the impact. Hell, you can cause a couple of thousand pounds-worth of damage just by leaning on some modern cars in the wrong place - the skin is so damn thin, it creases and cracks the paint so the whole damn panel needs to be replaced and colour-matched ...

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