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Sorry Commswonk, I didn't make it clear those were two separate issues - the first paragraph was because I am wondering how this, like all the other businesses sold off to European investors (power stations & electricity "generating" companies, tech companies, etc) will continue to function when/if we leave the EU.

The second paragraph is because, even if a significant percentage of the staff are retained, most of the money that would have flowed into BT and been subject to UK taxation etc will now move to Germany - taking all of the government's skimmed-off, sorry "hard-earned" tax money with it. As you say, this has nothing to do with Brexit and, to be fair, the fact that it is Germany rather than any other foreign nation is relatively unimportant (except inasmuch as it gives the German economy a boost at a time when the European Central Bank is frantically looking for anyone to invest in the Eurozone... but that's another story).

Posting as Anon because I voted Leave but most of the people I work with are so rabidly anti-Leave that they are only a two pitchforks and a ducking stool away from being a witch-hunt.

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