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Cloud computing's no PICNIC*: Yep, biggest security risks down to customer, not provider

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

This title is purposefully left blank.

Upvote for Dunning-Kruger, 'cos it's funny, but not the whole story...

There is a significant disconnect between what is preached to customers by people desperate to keep their job / earn commission and the reality of designing, project-managing, implementing, migrating data, operations, and securing workloads in the cloud.

It is possible - I do the designing*, securing (L4-7 mandatory), and implementing for my day job.

(*Includes correcting "perception" issues caused by sales. One reasons why I will not move to any Sales role.)

But back to the article, cloud projects are far more at risk from the customer attitude, culture, and turf wars, than from the strengths or weaknesses of the public cloud(s) they are using.

Anon - for obvious reasons.

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