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So how long should they keep supporting them, forever? The iPhone 5S first sold in September 2013, six years ago, is still supported by the latest iOS though it will not get iOS 13.
Decade-old cars still get recalls for manufacture-covered repairs to manufacturing defects and/or outright design defects (i.e. it was manufactured to spec, but the spec was rubbish).

And make no mistake, a bug, such as these classic buffer overflow and not validating input bugs, are defects in the device. So yes, they should still be issuing security patches that fix device defects for quite a while.

I have no issue with ceasing feature updates/rollouts - unless those are necessary to conform to the advertised capabilities of the device (i.e. they shipped an unfinished device with advertised features missing) after a year. I don't expect new features to be added to a device at all once it has been purchased and meets the advertised feature set.

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