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Cloud computing's no PICNIC*: Yep, biggest security risks down to customer, not provider


The biggest risk is not the applications...

Its the "Cloud Evangelist" morons who preach AWS Security Groups are adequate, and all the value-added security tools such as AWS Guard Duty that are state of the art! ... Ironically, I can name half a common house-hold names with this attitude (all "Tech" companies), and one is very famous FTSE100 company that does exactly this (and their whole platform is based upon it)

Rather than asking the question - Wny would AWS do this? when they earn far more by up-selling services from "Partners", from Splunk, ThreatStack, Palo Alto Networks etc, who each host their warez in AWS, and as service providers, they spend far more with AWS... So its double Peso's for the Bezo's Money Machines (Copyright 2019, K slogans)

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