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And on top of everything else, we will have another load of skilled workers who will end up on benefits because there are no jobs for them while the money that used to pay them now goes overseas - this time into the pockets of the German private equity firm - so no chance of any of it being spent in the UK. Still, as long as the management have their jobs and bonuses, does it really matter who gets paid not to do any work?

Sorry to spoil a good rant but trying to link this deal with Brexit is bizarre; UK business has been getting gobbled up by non - UK businesses since long before Brexit became a thing. As it happens I don't like foreign takeovers of UK businesses any more that you do. When GB was Prime Minister I used to find myself grinding my teeth because he always liked to call it "inward investment"; I have no idea if he believed his own misinformation or not, but I certainly didn't.

I accept that people either like or loathe the idea of leaving the EU, but please don't run away with the idea that it will have much effect either way on "foreign" interests controlling a large part of the UK economy.

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