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Choc-a-block: AWS sues sales exec for legging it to Google Cloud. Yup, another bitter battle over non-compete clauses

Donn Bly

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Yes, you are missing something. If you read the linked filing you would find:


5. This Court has jurisdiction over Moyer and the subject matter of this action because Moyer entered into the Confidentiality, Noncompetition and Invention Assignment Agreement (“Noncompetition Agreement”) with Amazon in Washington and Moyer expressly consented to the exclusive jurisdiction of courts located in King County, Washington in the Noncompetition Agreement.

6.Venue properly lies in King County because a substantial part of the events giving rise to this claim occurred in King County and the express terms of Moyer’s Noncompetition Agreement with Amazon provide that venue for any action brought to enforce that agreement shall be in King County, Washington

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