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BT no more....

My company thankfully ditched BT Fleet last year for new vehicles after countless complaints of shoddy workmanship, horrific delays for minor repairs (one van, an incredibly rare Ford Transit, was away for 3 weeks for brake pads!) and repeatedly returning vehicles to us with the same problems it went in with.

My faith in the local BT garage vanished when my van spaffed all its diesel over the brakes as I was driving along the motorway before cutting out leaving me with absolutely no brake force to grip the now diesel covered brake discs, which I discovered as I was heading onto a downhill slip road. The gods were looking fondly on me that day as I pulled a two wheeler at 50mph round a 90deg bend and coasted to a halt. After investigation, BT said it was “driver error”. Yes, my dodgy driving caused a jubilee clip to come loose from an engine that had mysteriously only been replaced by BT a mere 3 days previously.

I think my company has spent a ridiculous amount on hire vehicles over the years we have used BT to make up for their ridiculous timeframes for repairs. Compared to our new provider who use local garages and main dealerships and will return vehicles the same day for most minor repairs.

Good riddance to them.

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