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Ah yes, the removable fronts. As said by others, sticker on both the cover and the front of the server.

BUT, there's another problem I've found with the likes of PowerEdge - though it probably applies to a lot of modern machine now sizes seem to keep shrinking ... A lot of them now don't have enough room to put a sticker on !

At one time, you could rely on the CD/DVD tray, but many of those have gone. So you've a machine where the whole of the front is occupied by removable drive trays, buttons & displays/indicators, and ventilation holes that you really don't want to block when there's only 1U of front to start with. I've ended up with some having to use a smaller print, and cut the label down in width.

Also, label the network connections ! Really helps when some numpty decides that it doesn't matter which cable goes where and connects systems to the wrong networks.

Lastly, PowerEdge have that handy status LED - press the ID button and it flashes front and back. I also labelled the racks - you can buy ready made stickers that will identify the U positions so as a last resort you can check the position front and back (yes, number them front and back) before yanking the power.

Oh yes, if you are on the helldesk and have to talk a customer through "fat fingering" a dead server ... Don't forget that to the average user on site, the UPS in the bottom of the rack looks very much like "the bottom server in the rack" that you told them to power off !

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