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People of Britain: You know that you're not locked into using the same ISP forever, right?

The C Man

Been with TalkTalk as a follow up to Tiscali as a follow up to One2One. Suffered from slow speeds for a couple years until TalkTalk said "Please take us to the Ombudsman so we can then take your complaint to OpenReach. One month later OpenReach laid in a new copper cable from their junction box to the mast and I now have the highest speeds in the area. Comes the end of each contract period I phone TalkTalk's customer loyalty team who then find me the latest discount offerings. I also keep an eye out for special offerings for new customers and if their is a really good one I'll renew my contract to take advantage of it. (You don't need to be a new customer to take advantage of special offers). Results: I now have a speed to house of 70Mb at a lower cost (£27.25) than over five years ago although slightly higher than it was on the last contract. I'm now waiting for the next special offer to get the price down again.

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