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"If your service dies, you need to contact them. If you can't contact them, it doesn't matter that it's a one-off."

And, if you can contact them, how you're dealt with.

"Hello, my router's refusing to sync and there's heavy interference on the voice line,"

"Are you using our supplied router?"

"I wasn't, but I've swapped it in and the problem persists. I've even connected an old wired handset to the master socket, and it sounds like a fish fryer."

"Okay, that's enough for me... obviously a line fault.... yup, I'll raise it with BTOR. Please allow 2-3 working days for rectification."

7hrs later I get a call from a BTOR engineer.."That's your fault cleared... I was asked to let you know."

Sh*t happens... how you deal with it defines how you're regarded by your customers.

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