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People of Britain: You know that you're not locked into using the same ISP forever, right?

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What's the point?

You just end up moving to another virtual ISP as ALL of them (except Virgin and a few local providers) provide the connection via OpenRetch. So, you are stuck with twisted copper cables unless you live in one of the VERY few places that have real Fibre (FTTP) rather than the crap that is marketed as Fibre (FTTC). I may soon have the choice of Virgin as they are finally cabling up my street, but if they are in the eternal price rise mode, then they can stuff it too. I already get that shit from Sky and several insurance companies. Competition my arse. Too many people with their snouts in the trough for that to ever happen. I currently pay Sky £25 per month for 36Mb/s but when I do real tests (file transfers) it's rare I get anywhere near that, even though reports 34Mb/s.

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