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The April 2018 Update is so 1803, snort Windows 10 faithful as more settle down in 1903 town


I eventually relented and went from 16xx to 1809, around February.

What, you say? The Doomed release?

Well, given how much unflattering coverage it got them and how many times they re-released it, I figured that it had had a lot more QA TLC than usual by then. Calculated risk.

Went fairly well. Only nuked the sound, mute now, inconvenient for a part-gaming secondary PC. Oh and reset the sleep and power settings so that it’s, again, narcoleptic running VMs when I am not on the machine. Figure I’ll take it in to the MS retail store for the first problem. And, for the second, having the Steam launcher open seems to convince it to respect its “never go to sleep when plugged in” setting. Can’t be bothered to, again, spend hours figuring out why that’s not enough, somehow.

The sad thing’s that this low-grade snafu seems not so much 1809-specific as standard Windows 10.

Given the choice, and sufficient familiarity with alternatives, would you trust Windows as your primary OS?

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