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Re: Consistency IS a thing in the world of the Microsoft team.

I am on average quite happy with the new builds.

However, my experience is that it is impossible to get any feedback through to the team. Two years ago (or so), they updated the AMD driver that is provided by Windows Update. AMD meanwhile stopped supporting a bunch of cards, meaning the new driver only supported a small subset of the functionality of the old cards. On my GPU the higher resolutions disappeared. Thanks to a helpful forum posting I managed to get hold of the old driver and could hold off on upgrading my GPU a little while longer.

The home directory being wiped if it wasn't hosted on the C: drive issue is of a more serious character of course and something that got quite a lot of bad press. I haven't stuck around the feedback hub after that, so I don't know if they actually managed to improve on capturing valuable feedback, but I'm not holding my breath.

As a humble developer, my experience is that if you ask the users how important their bug reports are, they will all get rated as "A/1" (serious showstopper / frequently encountered). Worse yet if the tester is a colleague. There are exceptions: I had one colleague who downrated even serious issues, which then were almost lost because her colleagues were much less diligent. It wasn't a huge problem for us, because we are nowhere near the size of MS.

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