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'We've done it, we've wasted further time!' Judge raps HP over Mike Lynch court scrutiny

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(UK) Judges have tended to have an image of an old-fart well out of touch with the real world.

The past tense is correct. There used to be some absolute stinkers - most people know of the mid/late 60s judge who asked who the Beatles were, and there was a case in the 70s where a judge dismissed a claim for damages for injury on the grounds that is was impossible for a single man to have a sex life. In the 80s the legal profession decided it had had enough incompetence in its ranks and sorted itself out (which is why there's a mandatory retirement age for judges). These days I'd trust a judge to be on the ball and far more trustworthy than most MPs, which is a good job as one of my cousins (-in-law appropriately) is a judge.

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