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So no worries eh?

So we are supposed to let a suspect company build an entire hardware network, and believe they are not going to seed the chips with built in malicious intent? It is bad enough we have to install workarounds for Intel's hardware vulnerabilities, but letting obvious bad actors just come in and devil may care??

It was a few years ago, but my girl friend was visiting an Asian Pacific country to look at their chip design labs. She couldn't believe what she was seeing! She looked at one of the circuits that had piggy back chips acting as back doors to the CPU, and when she asked what she was seeing on the magnifier, they couldn't wait to escort her out of the lab!! This was more than a decade ago and they were so brash then, that they even put developer logos on each "modification", like they were bragging about their criminal expertise. Anybody who does business with these bad actors deserves to have their skivvies put over their face and go out in public to show just how clueless they are!!

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