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Re: EU Space Agency? And how about Boris the Spider?

- ostensibly paid for by the EU and merely delivered by ESA - .... rg287

And merely delivered by ESA ? Surely that is monumental service, rg287.

To consider it meekly delivered by ESA is to be fundamentally mistaken..... for the Question has Again Arisen .... Is its AI an Almighty IT Tool Too?

Such a Premise Welcomes Worthy Supporters and Rabid Patrons alike in Enobling Virtual Spheres of Exciting and EMPowering Influence ....... where True Words Shared Create New Worlds with Secured Playpens for Iniquity.

Methinks, ....... El Reg/El Regers, can we rightly and safely assume this Short Ultimate Message ESA Bound is hereby sent and accepted/read?

And is it reassuring to know exclusive news of the future developments which follow Almighty Leads to the Core of Raw Source for News Again of News of Future Developments to Follow ., so that one can protest if one so wishes, ... or does it just not matter a jot?

A few more steps into that Root and Dark Sided Webs Beckons ...... and there be Daemons and Devils Tormenting Captive and Captivating Souls for Real out there, in the worlds created and beamed into your brains via the simply complex line of sight function ...... You See You Get.

However, subject to a suitable period of intensive and comprehensive cogitation, one ponders on the benefits and advantages available for disbursement and exercise when One Gets One's Sees.

That's the Quantum AI Leap which needs to be made if wanting or expected to be Full Privy with Deep Understanding of Future Force Source Counsel. ...... Absolute Space Advice.

I Kid U Not .... Que Sera, Sera :-)

For Now, ... Over and Out. Back Again in a Short While :-)

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