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Excluding Huawei from UK's 5G will harm security, MPs warn

Brent Beach

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'I bet he doesn't remember and I doubt he was ever aware of it in the first place.'

Of course he has no personal technical opinion.

Since most US tech would be devastated if they could not sell to Huawei, he did not base his claims on their lobbying.

His wacko advisors probably know nothing about it either.

That means the pushback on China on all fronts, including telecom, is simply a trade war. When Trump thinks there is an opening for a Trump solution - another best trade deal every- all the claims about security will vanish.

The same legitimate concerns continue to exist, as with any gear. Can it be hacked? Is it reliable? What is the hardware half life? Will it perform to spec under load?

Trump's bogus security claims are probably slowing down the necessary testing and trials to verify the hardware.

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